Signature Meal Bar Bundle

Experience the pinnacle of snacking with our Signature Meal Bar Bundle, featuring 12 Banana Walnut Meal Bars, 12 Dark Chocolate Meal Bars, and 12 Blueberry Vanilla Meal Bars, each meticulously crafted for an unparalleled blend of health, freshness and irresistible flavor.

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  • Made to: Provide a clean and easy snack or meal replacement, boost energy, satisfy hunger, curb cravings, optimize exercise, improve gut health
  • Rich and moist with the texture of a freshly baked goods
  • Gluten free and plant based
  • Made daily in small batches by culinary pros in our artisan kitchen
  • 9-11g of protein and 6-8g of fiber with a prebiotic from Cassava root in each bar
  • No preservatives, processed additives or artificial flavors

Discover a world where taste and nutrition coexist in perfect harmony. Off The Farm's Signature Meal Bar Bundle is a celebration of flavors and well-being, thoughtfully designed for discerning palates. This trio of 12 Banana Walnut Meal Bars, 12 Dark Chocolate Meal Bars, and 12 Blueberry Vanilla Meal Bars promises a journey for your taste buds.

At the core of the Signature Meal Bar Bundle lies our dedication to unmatched quality and genuine craftsmanship. In our gluten-free artisan kitchen, our culinary professionals pour their expertise and passion into the creation of each bar, ensuring every batch is a masterpiece. With small-batch production, we capture the essence of each ingredient, making every bite both nourishing and irresistibly delicious.

The journey through this bundle demonstrates our commitment to premium, natural ingredients. From the creamy cashew butter foundation to the real bananas and hearty walnuts in the Banana Walnut Meal Bar, the Guittard premium-crafted chocolate in the Dark Chocolate Meal Bar, and the tarte blueberries and aromatic vanilla in the Blueberry Vanilla Meal Bar, each element is thoughtfully selected to synergize the ingredients and maximize the experience. Plant-based, gluten-free, and free from preservatives and artificial additives, these bars are also brought to life by the rich textures of gluten-free oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and the subtle sweetness of dates.

The Signature Meal Bar Bundle is an exploration of flavors without compromise. Packed with nature's finest offerings and handcrafted with care, this bundle is a staple for anyone seeking delicious, health-conscious snacking options. Dive into a world of diverse flavors, nourish your body and elevate your day with Off The Farm's signature meal bar collection.

All Meal Bars Are...

100% Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

100% Natural