About Us



Off The Farm Foods is a group of family and friends that have a passion for creating nutritious high quality convenient foods that taste amazing and have the highest benefit to people and our planet.

As chefs we love to create foods that people enjoy. As responsible and caring entrepreneurs we want to increase awareness of all aspects of how and what we eat and exemplify nutritional and culinary advances as well as ecological sustainability.

Everything we create here begins and ends with our core values which are simply that at least most of what we eat should come from as close to the growers as possible. We believe that people and our planet are suffering because of our reliance on over processed foods. Our fast paced culture has made the convenience and affordability of eating cheap super processed foods a daily reliance for many of us. The negative results from this are profound and the evidence can even be seen and felt in your body as so many of us race through the day malnourished. Young people in their formative years are most harmfully affected.

That’s why we set out on a mission several years ago. Our mission is to find really fresh premium ingredients that are sourced as close to the farm as possible and processed the least and with the greatest care.