Dark Chocolate Meal Bar - Box of 12

A gluten-free, plant-based bar with 11g of protein, 8g of fiber and pure ingredients like Guittard premium-crafted chocolate, housemade cashew butter and a prebiotic from cassava root.

Sale price$ 49.99
Multipacks: 1 Box

  • Made to: Provide a clean and easy snack or meal replacement, boost energy, satisfy hunger, curb cravings, optimize exercise, improve gut health
  • Rich and decadent with the texture of a fresh fudge
  • Gluten free and plant based
  • Made fresh daily in small batches in our artisan kitchen
  • 11g of protein and 8g of fiber with a prebiotic from Cassava root
  • No preservatives, processed additives or artificial flavors

Welcome to the sophisticated world of the Dark Chocolate Meal Bar, where premium Guittard dark chocolate takes center stage. Each bar is an ode to the art of balance, expertly blending indulgence with nutrition, made possible in our artisan kitchen.

Our foundation is rich: creamy cashew butter melds with the natural sweetness of dates and the robustness of gluten-free oats. The highlight? The undeniable allure of Guittard premium-crafted dark chocolate, enriching the bar's profile and offering an experience both decadent and wholesome. To this tapestry of flavors, we add a mix of seeds—chia, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame—each of which contributes to the unique texture and nutrition of this meal replacement bar.

With the Dark Chocolate Meal Bar, Off The Farm presents a flavorful journey, underlined by our dedication to using only the best ingredients. Every bite reflects our philosophy: that premium taste and healthful nutrition can coexist in harmony.

All Meal Bars Are...

100% Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

100% Natural