Warm Weather Shipping Options and Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER Off The Farm bars are freshly made and shipped from sunny northern California. Off The Farm is not responsible for melting or other damage caused by heat exposure either during shipping or after your bars arrive. If you order bars, especially with chocolate in them during high temperature seasons please use cold packing and or expedited shipping to help avoid the package smearing, loss of shelf life and other possible issues associated with heat damage.

COLD PACK SERVICE and EXPEDITED SHIPPING Over the years, we have had excellent success with our top quality cold pack service. Please choose this service to assist in preventing damage from heat during transit. For even better results, please also choose an expedited shipping method. Cold Packing Service can protect your order from heat damage during temperatures greater than 80° Fahrenheit for approximately 2 days of transit time (See Shipping Time below). Due to delays and extreme weather conditions, we do not guarantee that your bars will remain cool during transit even with Cold Packing Service. So if you are ordering bars (especially if they have chocolate) and there are high temperatures within the areas of transit, we highly recommend that you expedite your shipping to within 2 days of transit time. Your package may still be warm when it arrives and the bars may be soft and a bit melty. We recommend that you refrigerate your bars for a few hours as soon as you receive them to reset the chocolate and firm them up again. They are still super fresh!

SHIPPING TIME The distance from Shasta County California to your shipping address and the shipping method you choose determines the length of time your order is in transit. Shipping time begins when we ship the order regardless of what shipping method you choose. Choosing expedited shipping does not also expedite the time it takes us to make and pack your order. Typically orders ship within 2 to 4 business days. To estimate your shipping time, use the map below. Keep in mind that the day of shipping and weekends are not included in the transit time.