Apple Cinnamon Meal Bar - Box of 12

A plant-based, gluten-free meal bar made fresh daily with pure ingredients, 9g of protein and 7g of fiber.

Sale price$ 49.99
Multipacks: 1 Box

  • Made to: Give you a flavor-packed and nutrient-rich snack or meal replacement, curb cravings, provide clean energy, improve gut health
  • Flavor-packed and hearty with the texture of fresh-from-the-oven apple crumb pie
  • Gluten free and plant based with a prebiotic from Cassava root
  • Crafted in small batches by culinary experts in our artisan kitchen
  • 9g of protein and 7g of fiber
  • No preservatives, processed additives or artificial flavors

Rediscover the heartwarming essence of juicy apples harmonized with the aromatic warmth of cinnamon in Off The Farm's Apple Cinnamon Meal Bar. Each bar, handcrafted in our artisan kitchen, reflects the culinary dedication of our team, who work meticulously to ensure the healthiest meal replacement bar without compromising taste.

It's not just about flavors at Off The Farm; it's about the art of creation. Each Apple Cinnamon Meal Bar is handmade in limited quantities. Our choice to produce in small batches ensures consistency, superior quality and an unmatched taste experience in every bite.

At the heart of our bars lies a commitment to sourcing the best ingredients. By blending ripe apples, fresh pecans, Coachella Valley dates, house-made cashew butter, gluten-free oats, flame raisins and a variety of nutrient-dense seeds, we have created not only a treat for the taste buds but a nutritional powerhouse for those in search of the best gluten-free, 100% natural meal replacement bars.

Whether you're embarking on a busy day, seeking a wholesome snack to energize your activities, or simply yearning for a taste experience that echoes nature's best offerings, our apple cinnamon meal bar stands ready to meet the challenge.

All Meal Bars Are...

100% Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

100% Natural